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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy CIMT

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy CIMT is a well-researched and evidence-based therapy for someone who has a diagnosis of unilateral Cerebral Palsy/Hemiplegia.

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At Ability Therapies we have trained and experienced staff who are able to carry out Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT).

The therapy aims to improve functional use of their affected arm and hand and it also makes changes within the brain!

The therapy consists of:

  • Using either a mitt or cast on the unaffected arm and hand, so they can go on holiday for a while
  • The affected arm and hand going to a ‘boot camp’ where lots of fun games and activities will be played!

Before starting a CIMT block an initial assessment is completed, this allows the child/young adult to meet their treating Physiotherapist, to assess whether this type of treatment is appropriate and for any questions to be asked and answered. The length of each session and treatment block will also be discussed within the Initial Assessment.

An outcome measure is also completed which is called the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA). From the results of the AHA a plan will be made for what movements will be the best to practise during the CIMT block. Goals will also be set which can be agreed between child, family and Physiotherapist.

During the CIMT block lots and lots of positive reinforcement is used whilst carrying out fun games and activities with the affected arm and hand.

At the end of the CIMT block the AHA will be repeated, the results will be analysed and a report will be written then emailed to you approximately 1-2 weeks after completing the CIMT block.

A bimanual programme will also be made which will recommend what movements will be best to practise using both hands together with the new skills learnt at the affected arm and hand.

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